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Advising Services

Perhaps you lost your job... or are unhappy with your current position... or you are thinking about changing careers. If you are using an outplacement service, do you get the personal attention you need and deserve? If you are contemplating a new career, do you know how to harness your personal strengths to explore uncharted territory? Do you have a vision, a workable plan, someone to confide in, a mentor who asks insightful questions?

Why not investigate a coaching relationship with Ben?

Maybe you are a member of the baby-boomer generation and contemplating retirement... BUT you are NOT READY to retire. You have plenty of energy and you want to continue to make a difference. Perhaps you are dealing with "empty-nest-hood" and want to go back to work now that the children are "launched" in graduate schools or careers. Maybe you are considering downsizing your house or hope to travel more frequently. Or, perhaps you want to increase your focus on community service, write a memoir or take spectacular photographs. Since the average life expectancy is lengthening, you may have quite a few years left to make a difference.

Ben can help you think through these issues and come up with a vision and a plan.

Or perhaps you don't fit neatly into any of the above categories but want to bring about meaningful change in your life. You can't quite put your finger on why or what specifically you want to achieve, but you sense that working with a coach will make a difference. You know that you have personal strengths which are not being tapped, that you want to use your potential better and to have fun doing whatever you choose to do. We all make New Year's resolutions, but how well do we act on them? Working with the right coach can help you ask the best questions, formulate big and small goals, and implement your plans.

Possibly, Ben is the right coach to help you.