Ben Phinney Executive and Personal Coaching
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Executive Coaching

As a business or non-profit leader, you can find that engaging the services of a creative executive coach may be an excellent investment of time and money. Perhaps you are dealing with a difficult marketing or management challenge and just need an intelligent person with no vested interest to help you make sense of things. A good coach should have relevant experience, be a skilled listener, and ask questions in ways that help you see new paths and solutions. Committing to a plan to take your organization to the next level is just the beginning. You need to stay focused, to be flexible enough to adapt to change, and to make timely decisions. As your coach, Ben Phinney brings years of experience in the commercial and non-profit sectors, a commitment to your success, and excellent coaching skills. He has a history of helping others and strong ethical values. You can trust Ben to help you maximize your investment.

You choose the focus for coaching that serves you best. You set the agenda and Ben helps you to decide the best way to plan for and achieve your goals. Leadership development, strategic planning and team building are three areas where Ben's skills may be useful.

Developing Strong Leaders
Developing strong leaders should be transformative. A coach may discuss various leadership theories that may be useful in preparing executives for advancement or dealing effectively with new challenges. Typically, a coach uses one or several assessment tools, such as "360's" or Myers Briggs, to get a sense of the client's strengths and weaknesses and how he/she is perceived by others before working closely with the client to craft a plan. The coach and the client communicate regularly to see that the plan is carried out and to make adjustments. The critical factor which separates great coaching from good coaching is how effective the learning process is. Ben believes that the most useful learning is usually embedded in the coaching experience itself.

Strategic Planning
Many executives groan about having to do strategic planning, or they don't do it at all. But a good strategic plan is essential to future growth and smooth operations. As an executive coach Ben will meet with you and your team to help design a plan that is tailored to your unique situation. Having team members collaborate successfully and using a methodology which ties big picture goals to concrete next steps are essential. A good coach helps to facilitate planning meetings, thereby freeing participants to participate more fully. Having a third party who does not have a vested interest in any particular course of action often enables freer discussions, helps build consensus and results in better planning.

Building Effective Teams
Team building is a third area where Ben's coaching skills can yield good investment returns. Ben begins by interviewing individual team members and employs assessment tools, similar to those used in leadership development. He helps team members learn more about how they and their colleagues think and make decisions. Ben uses team building exercises he custom designs for the special needs of the group. These help build bonds and improve collaboration. Teamwork leads in both the short and long term to better production and positive results. Leaders know that it is essential to not only build teams but to follow up, adjust, and sustain team-building plans, as well. Ben will work with your team to ensure that team building gains are maximized.