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Coaching FAQs

Why is coaching often done by telephone?
Coaching by phone is practical and often convenient since it can take place from the office, home or wherever your cell phone works.

How do I get started?
You and Ben would schedule an initial visit or phone call to discuss why you are thinking about coaching and to assess the likelihood that you will work together successfully. You would talk about your goals and expectations and Ben will explain how the coaching process can help. This conversation is free and usually lasts for 45 minutes. The next step would be to formalize the working arrangements and schedule several sessions.

How long do typical coaching conversations last?
Coaching sessions range from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on client objectives.

What is the process?
You and Ben would initially work together to uncover your natural strengths which characterize who you really are and can be leveraged to achieve your goals. You would also examine your long and short term goals and evaluate your priorities. You would discuss challenges, feelings and obstacles and then formulate plans to move forward.

How do I know that professional coaching standards apply?
Ben coaches according to the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics.

How much does coaching cost?
Rates are negotiated between the coach and the client at the outset of the relationship and are formalized in an agreement. Sessions are usually planned in sets of four after which the client may decide if he/she wants to continue.

How long does a coaching relationship last?
Coaching often begins by focusing on a specific project and may develop into a long term relationship that lasts years, as long as the client feels that he/she is receiving value. The better your coach knows you, the more effective he can be. Giving coaching a minimum 3 - 6 month commitment is reasonable.

What is group coaching?
At times it is beneficial for groups of clients who have similar interests to join together with the coach in a group session or series of sessions. Expanding coaching from an individual to groups often enables clients to learn from each others' experiences and points of view.